November 18, 2009

the mister's obligatory birthday post

I'd been procrastinating this post, as I didn't have a clue which card line I should feature in honor of mister b's birthday today. With very little searching, I managed to come up with the awesome Australian line Able & Game. These cards are both hysterical and charming and so perfectly perfect for my Birthday boy.

Although, I did get b a tangible card, from the master's at Hammerpress, if you're curious. I've also developed a bizarre habit of flashing cards at the mister whether at a store, on my computer screen or from my well-stocked sample cache for work and saying "huh, huh I would totally send this to you."

And for the record, 'Even though we've been together for ages (8 of your birthdays) I still have a massive crush on you.' So true...

{all images via Able & Game's Etsy}


  1. happy birthday to your mister!

  2. This is adorable!! I'm sure he will like anything you give him!