January 25, 2011

alt summit: rules of blogging by tina roth eisenberg of swiss miss

I can't begin to tell you what an amazing, inspiring and all out awesome event Alt Summit was for me. If it's any indication, I've already started the countdown for 2012. It's that epic, friends...

Tina Roth Eisenberg's closing keynote address was truly the icing on the cake. These are her personal rules for blogging, the italicized notes are my own.

1. Always credit sources.

A simple via (blogger's name) link is always appreciated.

2. Respect the reader.

Keep your template clean and your advertising relevant.

3. Keep it light.
Swiss Miss' "Made me Smile" category is the second most trafficked on her blog.

4. Blog with the right intentions.

Personally, I am looking to promote indie designers and connect with a like-minded community.

5. Images. Images. Images.
Keep your posts more visual than journalistic.

6. Find your place and own it.
Original content is key. Comment and interact with bloggers that have similar interests.

7. There is such a thing as blogging too much.

Don't saturate your readers, you don't want them feeling guilty if they can't keep up with your posts.

8. Be personal and approachable.

Self-explanatory: No one wants to interact with an aloof automaton.

9. Know what not to blog about.

Politics, religion, well... you get the drift.

10. Think beyond the blog.

Expanding your branding into new related businesses is a completely viable option.

{thanks again to swiss miss}


  1. Just basking in the presence of Swiss Miss changed my life. It's so empowering to meet so many passionate, creative and business-savvy women.

  2. Og!! Its gorgeus!!
    Each day one sorprise!!!
    What blog so creative!! Congratulations
    I like so much. Very original. I´ll write about you in mine.
    Kisses from Madrid

  3. Good advice! I just added you to my blogroll. Your blog is lovely!

  4. I've read SO many great things about Alt - next year maybe I'll get there! Though I would have loved to see swiss miss.. I'm totally jealous :) Thanks for this post!

  5. Oooh, I wish we had a conference like this close by. I love going to sewing and craft conventions. This too would be right up my alley.

  6. I couldn't agree more! I won a very last minute ticket to Alt and made the trip from Dallas to SLC and it was so-ooo worth it. Tina's talk was so inspiration and I couldn't agree more - it was utterly epic! Found your blog through Benign Objects and very happy I did!

  7. I remember reading all over about how helpful Swiss Miss's advice was at ALT Summit and I just wanted to share the tips with my brother. After a quick Google search, your blog came up first! I just wanted to thank you so much for writing these out. : )

  8. Isn't she an inspiration.. I wish there was a conference like that somewhere close by :(